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- Гадаадад зорчиход анхаарах зүйлс        - Монголын иргэд хилийн чанадад зорчих визийн нөхцөл        - Visa application form

We, the people of Mongolia:
- Strengthening the independence and sovereignty of the nation,
- Cherishing human rights and freedoms, justice and national unity,
- Inheriting the traditions of national statehood, history and culture,
- Respecting the accomplishments of human civilization, and
- Aspiring toward the supreme objective of developing a human, civil, democratic society in the country
Hereby proclaim the Constitution of Mongolia.

# Article Title Author Hits
1 Chapter one Administrator 1723
2 Chapter two Administrator 1604
3 Chapter three Administrator 1715
4 Chapter four Administrator 1726
5 Chapter five Administrator 1615
6 Chapter six Administrator 1678