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- Гадаадад зорчиход анхаарах зүйлс        - Монголын иргэд хилийн чанадад зорчих визийн нөхцөл        - Visa application form
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1. Independent and sovereign Mongolia, in terms of its state structure, is a unitary State upholding rights, freedoms and free economy; in political and geographical respects, it is a developing country in Asia, landlocked between two great powers. Mongolia's foreign policy shall be based on its national interests, as defined in its Constitution; the country’s specific external and internal situation constitutes the basis for determining its foreign policy objectives, principles and priorities.

2.Mongolia’s foreign policy objectives reside in ensuring its independence and sovereignty by following the trends of human society’s advancement, maintaining friendly relations with all countries, strengthening its position in the international community and forming with influential countries in the region and in the world a network of relationships based on the interdependence of political, economic and other interests.

3.Mongolia shall pursue an open and non-aligned policy. While following a policy of creating realistic interest of the developed countries in Mongolia, it will seek to avoid becoming overly reliant or dependent on any particular country.

4.In formulating Mongolia’s foreign policy and determining its priority directions and objectives, flexible approach shall be applied, paying close attention to the development of international relations and to the regional and world political situations.

5.The priority of Mongolia’s foreign policy shall be safeguarding of its security and vital national interests by political and diplomatic means, and creating a favorable external environment for its economic, scientific and technological development.

6.Considerations of foreign relations shall be in political, economic, scientific, technological, cultural and humanitarian fields of foreign policy.