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II. Security of the Existence of Mongolia PDF Print E-mail


20. The security of the existence of Mongolia means the endurance of its independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and inviolability of state frontiers of Mongolia .

21. External factors which may adversely affect the security of the existence of Mongolia :

1. Armed aggression or threat of armed aggression against Mongolia from any State or force;

2. Policies designed to forcibly abolish the State independence of Mongolia or to disrupt the national unity of the people;

3. Impeding or pressuring the sovereign relations of Mongolia with other States developed on the basis of international law;

4. Organization of terrorist and subversive activities, espionage against Mongolia and its people, as well as the abetting and conspiring in such acts;

5. Imposition by any State of its own interests and policies on Mongolia or attempts to resolve disputes by force

6. Imposition of political, military, economic and ideological control over Mongolia ;

7. Emergence of global, regional and sub regional crises and conflicts which they may affect Mongolia , or may draw it into war.

8. Destabilization of the Mongolian economy, attempts at or organizing coup detaches or using Mongolia as a bridgehead for policies and activities directed against other States;

9. Changing of state frontiers, illegal border crossing and border violations;

10. Disputes and conflicts between the neighboring States, and being affected by their internal contradictions and crises;

11. Massive inflows of migrants from a neighboring State;
12. Occurrence of natural and ecological calamities, outbreak or spread of acutely infectious human or animal diseases.

22. Internal factors which may adversely affect the national security of Mongolia :

1. Breakdown of statehood, or designs and/or attempts at turning Mongolia into a satellite State;

2. Political, economic and military acts aimed at disrupting national unity and or/ undermining the independence of Mongolia ;

3. Emergence of conditions leading to acute religious, ethnic or local disputes and confrontations;

4. Organization of subversive and/or espionage activities aimed at weakening the potential of Mongolia ;

5. Division within the armed forces and other military entities, loss of their defense capability or military-patriotic conscience, or confrontation between the military and civilian population or armed insurgency and conflicts.

23. Ways and means to ensure the security of the existence of Mongolia :
Mongolia shall:

One.1) Uphold universally accepted principles of contemporary international law in relations with any State and make others observe them as well;

2) Support the activities of the United Nations Organization and other international institutions aimed at strengthening world peace and security, and closely cooperate with them to that end;

3) Establish and protect bilaterally and multilaterally the legal foundations the unilateral or collective protection of the country from aggression in conformity with Article 51 of the UN Charter;

4) Promote the policy of maintaining strategic stability and establishing a reliable system of strengthening the peace and security in Asia and the Pacific, particularly in Northeast Asia and Central Asia;

5) Strictly observe the policy of not allowing the use of the country's territory against other States. Ensure the nuclear-weapons-free status of Mongolia at the international level and make it an important element of strengthening the country's security by political means. Pursue the policy of turning Central Asia into a nuclear-weapon-free zone;

6) Ensure timely and sound reactions to acts capable of affecting or contradicting the vital national interests of Mongolia or damaging its prestige and, if necessary, duly reflect them in the politics and activities of the government;

7) Promote an atmosphere conducive to understanding and supporting Mongolia in other countries, particularly in neighboring and influential countries through the wide use of the policy of "people's diplomacy", an important channel of foreign relations;

8) Promote legal acts that determine the overall number of foreigners and stateless persons that may reside in Mongolia and regulate their movement within the country, and monitor their compliance. Establish a mechanism of control to prevent illegal residence or stay in Mongolia .

Two. 1) Cooperate with other countries and relevant international organizations in the military field, and in pursuit of the policy of safeguarding itself against possible aggression and seeking collective defense, she shall follow the policy of making use of the armed force of neighboring or of third States or the United Nations and/ or other integrated international armed forces;

2) Have national armed forces, other troops capable of safeguarding the country's independence, territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers;

3) Implement defense objectives on the basis of the universal defense system in accordance with its own military doctrine. In case of having to defend against armed encroachment or aggression solely by its own forces, a self-defense war shall be waged through the mobilization of all internal forces and means while also making wide use of external factors;

4) Participate to the greatest extent possible in international efforts and cooperation designed to strengthen trust in the military field and establish a mechanism for ensuring regional security.