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Бичсэн hanoi   

Afternoon 2/11, 2nd PCR results showed that patients Ch. 100% negative for Ebola, Da Nang Health Department notified  the test results from the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Da Nang emergency notification of suspected cases of Ebola.

16h 2/11, Pham Hung Chien, Director of Da Nang Health Department, said the results of PCR tests confirmed the patient was 2 Ch. do not have Ebola.The same day, the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology announced test results 1st Real-time PCR of patient samples Ch. showed 99% negative for the virus. However, patients treated area at Da Nang General Hospital has been closed so far isolated.

"Blood pressure and other indicators of patient stability and is continuing to monitor," said Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nam, who directly treated the patient Ch.said. "6 of Doctors Hospital turns Danang caution when treating patients with Ch. And not be out of a quarantine area," Dr. South said.

Dr. South, from admission, the patient Ch. always worried. More than a day are treated, he mainly rested, not speaking directly or over the phone with someone. This morning, when 99% of the results were negative for Ebola, he Ch. happy new, more optimistic.

Currently, a quarantine area for patients Ch. located on the top floor of the Faculty of Tropical Medicine (Hospital Danang) the situation has eased. If the results are negative for Ebola, hospitals would not isolate patients anymore, but moved to the outside for the treatment of malaria as usual.However, to monitor the patient's condition within the next 21 days.

List of passengers, physician contact with patients Ch. authorities were determined to be supervised when bad situations arise. Doctor Ngo Thi Kim Yen, deputy director of Da Nang Health Department, said the quarantine center HCMC International Health in collaboration with Da Nang quickly to identify the passengers traveling on the same flight sitting near him Ch ."Using the case of Ch patient. We need to focus monitoring the epidemic in the region to Vietnam," Mrs. Swallow said.

1/11 patients noon Ch. (26 years old, native Cat Quang, Quang Xuong district, Thanh Hoa) with fever and Hoan My Hospital in Da Nang emergency. He said he had just returned from Guinea - national epidemic of Ebola - should immediately be transferred to the Faculty of Tropical Medicine (Hospital Da Nang) treatment processes to cope with this disease.

Da Nang Health Department held a meeting and found immediate notification of the receipt of suspected cases of Ebola, and product samples to transfer to Hanoi for the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.The patient isolation, environmental remediation processes comply with treatment of patients with Ebola.


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